Meet Ty

             After working a couple of years in corporate america as an Engineer, working that good ol 9 to 5, I thought to myself, I need a fun creative outlet that can allow me to travel the world and meet people. Over the years I'd always loved to capture photos on my iPhone & one day I decided to teach myself the ins and outs about professional photography, which quickly evolved into a passion and now small business for myself.

            There is a pure joy I gain from capturing the feelings and emotions of an image. I absolutely love to travel, as you can see on my visual art page, if I'm not capturing people I love to capture scenery, landscapes, and just about anything in the world. 

             Whenever I'm not out being an analytical thinker in corporate america, or capturing incredible moments through my camera lens, I enjoy eating (I love french fries), going to the gym( future Crossfit champ here lol) , watching movies (I'm a huge Marvel fan), and listening to music (I love R&B🐝/Rap). 

"They say life imitates art. I say, Art enhances Life. This is my Visual Art Through My Lens" - Tyrone T. 


Meet Greg


Someone who holds a passion for Marketing, Greg found himself taking pictures for his son's 1st birthday. In an attempt to make amateur photos look "professional," this is what would be the turning point  of when Greg knew he was on to something special. Those same "amateur" photos are now portraits that everyone sees when they first enter his home. 


"When I think of Photography, I immediately think of angles, unique perspectives, and more importantly, ART!" Everything about photography is art. The ability to take something so simple, but yet so brilliant, is what fascinates me."


Greg is married (Shanniese Rice), has a son (Mason Rice) and when not spending time with family or capturing photos, he enjoys playing video games and hanging with friends. 

Meet Malik


"Creativity is intelligence having fun”

-      Albert Einstein

There is a certain excitement that comes with trying something new, mastering it, and offering it to the world. No one knows this better than Malik. From sales to law, he has dabbled in just about everything, but the one constant is his ability to create a compelling story through film.An athlete early in his years, he holds his competitive fervor while still being able to find joy in everything that he does. Although stoic in nature, don’t let the even temperament fool you, Malik will surprise you when you least expect it.

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